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This is the CAMPUS theoretical group at the Chemistry Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and IMDEA Nanoscience.

Research topics

Our group is focused on the theoretical study of the dynamics in isolated quantum systems; from the smallest, such as in the interaction of atoms or small molecules with ultrashort laser pulses, to medium-sized systems, such as fullerenes, or extended systems, as in the interaction of molecules with metallic surfaces.

Our aim is to produce theoretical predictions and interpretations that can lead to a better understanding of these systems, following closely the experimental findings, as well as to propose new experimental situations. For that we use state-of-the-art theoretical tools, both home-made and standard: from full-dimensional grid calculations for the hydrogen molecular ion to density functional theory for fullerenes on metallic surfaces.

A more detailed description of our research topics can be found here, and a list of publications is available here.

Recent publications

See here the publications list, also sorted by subject: https://campusys.qui.uam.es/?page_id=12

Latest news

[2023/07/27] Postdoctoral position linked to ERC SyG project (read more)
[2023/07/06] Do you want to know what is XChem in 5 minutes? Register here
[2023/05/16] Do you want to know more about the TOMATTO project? Take a look at a recent video summary here
[2023/02/22] Premio FBBVA a Anne L’Huillier, Paul Corkum y Ferenc Krausz. +info
[2023/02/02] IDEAL PhD COFUND fellowship. Deadline 10/04/2023. More info.
[29/07/2022] 2022 UAM call for predoctoral contracts (deadline 20/09/2022). Applications here.
[19/05/2022] Read the latest interview to Fernando Martín here.
[05/05/2022] XChem code becomes part of a new physics gateway. More info here.
[02/02/2022] Job Offer in Scientific Software Engineer in Computational Chemistry and AMO Physics

[20/01/2022] Direct observation of electronic motion in complex molecules  
[15/11/2021] Pre- and postdoctoral positions in Theoretical Attosecond Molecular Science. More info here

[02/09/2021] UAM call for the promotion of reasear in MSc studies. Deadline for applications: September 15th. More info here

[23/07/2021] Postdoctoral fellowships at MSCA level available in the frame of the work of the CIVIS3i program. Deadline for application: October 22nd. More info here

[23/04/2021] Pre- and postdoctoral position available in the framework of the recently awarded Synergy Grant of the European Research Council TOMATTO (the ultimate Time scale of Organic Molecular optoelectronics: the ATTOsecond). More info here

[09/02/2021] Grants to study Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry (TCCM) Master

[05/11/2020] TOMATTO project awarded with an ERC Synergy Grant (read more).

[09/10/2020] Spanish Gonvernment grants for PhD contracts linked to research projects (directed to BSc+MSc graduates or students in the last year of master degree willing to enroll in a doctoral programme) – 2020 call is now open (Deadline: 23/10/2020). More information can be found here.

[03/07/2020] Spanish Gonvernment grants to collaborate in research tasks (directed to MSc students or students in the last year of bachelor degree) – 2020 call is now open (Deadline: 30/09/2020). More information can be found here.

[26/06/2020] FPI-UAM call for predoctoral contracts is now open. Call documents and online form can be found here (Deadline: 06/07/2020)

[31/03/2020] The European Research Council (ERC) has selected the “Imaging, Decoherence and AttoSecond probing of ionization-induced charge migration in molecules” (IDEAS) project, led by the Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Autonomous University of Madrid ( UAM), Fernando Martín, to be financed by the ERC Advanced Grant program. It is the second time that the CampuS group receives one of these grants. More info

[17/04/2020] Fernando Martín is one of the nine new Honorary Doctorates at Stockholm University 2020 for his pioneering theoretical studies on how atoms, molecules, clusters, and surfaces interact with light and energetic particules. Read more.

[05/05/2020] 2020 call for UAM fellowships to promote research within MSc studies is now open. Requests can be submitted using this online form.


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Our group belongs to the Erasmus Mundus European program, which offers opportunities to obtain a master to European and non-European students. More details in Jobs.


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