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This is the CAMPUS theoretical group at the Chemistry Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Research topics

Our group is focused on the theoretical study of the dynamics in isolated quantum systems; from the smallest, such as in the interaction of atoms or small molecules with ultrashort laser pulses, to medium-sized systems, such as fullerenes, or extended systems, as in the interaction of molecules with metallic surfaces.

Our aim is to produce theoretical predictions and interpretations that can lead to a better understanding of these systems, following closely the experimental findings, as well as to propose new experimental situations. For that we use state-of-the-art theoretical tools, both home-made and standard: from full-dimensional grid calculations for the hydrogen molecular ion to density functional theory for fullerenes on metallic surfaces.

A more detailed description of our research topics can be found here, and a list of publications is available here.

Recent selected publications

If you want to know more
Check here our Inside Back Cover of Angewandte Chemie from March 2013!

Listen to it! An interview with Mark Vrakking about our paper on electron localization (from Nature’s webpage) can be found here.

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Our group belongs to the Erasmus Mundus European program, which offers opportunities to obtain a master to European and non-European students. More details in Jobs.


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