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Job opportunities at CampuS theoretical group


CampuS theoretical group, led by Prof. Fernando Martín, belongs to the Department of Chemistry of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Its research mainly focuses on (i) the theoretical and computational modeling of photoexcitation and photoionization processes in atomic and molecular systems induced by synchrotron radiation and ultrashort laser pulses with femto- and attosecond duration, and (ii) the study and theoretical prediction of properties of materials and nano-objects of complex molecular systems, aggregates and fullerenes, isolated or deposited on metallic and nonmetallic surfaces. This, in close collaboration with prestigious Spanish and international experimental groups.

The quality of the group is reflected by the number and quality of publications in the last ten years: more than 200 papers, among which 3 in Science, 2 in Nature, 1 Chemical Reviews, 1 in Nature Physics, 2 in Nature Chemistry, 1 in Nature Photonics, 2 in Nature Communications, 4 in Proc. of National Academy of Sciences, 1 in NanoLetters, 1 in ACS Nano, 2 in Angewandte Chemie, etc. In 2000, Fernando Martín was awarded the National Research Prize Rey Juan Carlos I, in 2010, the prize of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry in Chemical Physics, in 2011, the Advanced Grant from the European Research Council XCHEM, and in 2017 the King Jaime I Prize in Basic Research.

CampuS research group at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid is continuously seeking for excellent researchers at predoctoral and postdoctoral level. If you have a mature interest in any of the research topics described above, we invite you to send us an expression of interest including your CV and motivation letter, briefly describing your research profile and the research project you would like to develop in our group.

If your profile fits our group, we will look for a convenient funding source and provide assistance with any administrative issue. Besides the group funding sources, different programs at National and European level may allow excellent researchers to develop a career path in the group, as summarized in the document developed by FECYT “Researcher career path in Spain at a glance”.

For any question you may have do not doubt to contact beatriz.martin@uam.es.

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Our group belongs to the Erasmus Mundus European program, which offers opportunities to obtain a master to European and non-European students. More details in Jobs.


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