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INPhiNIT fellowship programme – 2019 call


The 2019 call of INPhiNIT doctoral fellowship programme, funded by “la Caixa”, has been just launched: https://obrasociallacaixa.org/en/investigacion-y-becas/programa-de-becas-de-posgrado/inphinit/incoming

Campus theoretical group is willing to host students who get a fellowship in any of its modalities:

  • INPhINIT-Incoming: There are 35 phd fellowships directed to students NOT having resided in the country of the host institution for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.  Focused on STEM disciplines. If selected, students should join a Research Centre accredited with a Spanish or Portuguese Seal of Excellence (as Severo Ochoa, María de Maeztu, etc). Deadline: 6/02/2019.
    Research topics offered by Campus group are (https://hosts.lacaixafellowships.org/finder#1):

    • Ultrafast molecular dynamics induced by attosecond pulses (Prof. Fernando Martín García)
    • Theoretical Attosecond Electron Dynamics: from biomolecules to solids (Prof. Fernando Martín García)
    • Graphene-based materials: Exploring new physical properties based on theoretical simulations (Dr. Cristina Diaz Blanco)
    • Chemical-physics properties of new 2D materials (Prof. Fernando Martín García)
  • INPhINIT-Retaining: 30 phd fellowships to develop the doctorate in any field and any center in Spain or Portugal. Requirements: have resided in the country of the host institution for more than 12 months in the last 3 years. Deadline: 27/02/2019.

 INPhINIT fellowships have a duration of 3 years and are foreseen to start by October 2019; they offer a competitive salary, interdisciplinary training activities, short stays, a mentoring programme and dissemination and socialization activities.

If interested, you may contact us at campus.theorygroup@uam.es to widen information on the research projects offered.

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