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PhD position in attosecond science


A predoctoral contract is available in the group of Prof. Fernando Martín at IMDEA-Nanoscience (http://nanociencia.imdea.org/fernando-martin-s-group/group-people), in the framework of a synergy project funded by the Madrid regional government (Y2018/NMT-5028, FULMATEN-CM).

The research project

The project aims at using attosecond and few-femtosecond laser pulses for real time imaging of charge transfer processes occurring in organic molecules and, eventually, to control them[1] (additional information can be found in the group website). The available position concerns the theoretical modeling of such charge transfer processes in systems of interest for the design of new materials.

Candidates Profile

Candidates of any gender and nationality are welcome to apply, with the following eligibility requirements:

1. A BSc degree in Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Physics or a closely related subject.

2. Excellent knowledge of quantum mechanics, basic electrodynamics, basic atomic, molecular and optical physics; scattering theory and numerical methods.

3. Fluent English;

We will value positively any postgraduate specialization degree (e.g. MSc) in related areas, enthusiasm for learning and commitment to teamwork and any additional skills in the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry and programming that are relevant to the two offered position in theory. For example, acquaintance with quantum chemistry packages to model excited states; participation to software projects; competences in photoelectron spectroscopies, attosecond physics; etc.

Starting Date and Duration

The position should ideally start by September 2019 and will be funded for (16+12) months.


Salary to be agreed based on the candidate experience following the standards of a predoc position in Spain.

Application procedure

Candidates should send to fulmaten-cm@imdea.org a letter of motivation and future research interests, a CV and a list of publications, contact information for two references, copy of BSc/MSc degree certificates, academic records, and any additional information that can support the application. Please, include “FULMATEN-IMDEA5” in the issue. Deadline to apply is June 26, 2019.

Additional supporting documents, clarification and recommendation letters could be requested during the selection process. Selected candidates shall be contacted for an interview, where practical questions will also be asked.

(1) F. Calegari, et al, “Ultrafast electron dynamics in phenylalanine initiated by attosecond pulses” Science 346 336 (2014); M. Nisoli, et al, “Attosecond electron dynamics in molecules” Chemical Reviews 117 10760 (2017).

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