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Sergio Díaz-Tendero Victoria

Photo of Dr. Sergio Díaz-Tendero
Dr. Sergio Díaz-Tendero
Postdoctoral research associate “Ramón y Cajal” Universidad Autónoma de MadridDepartamento de Química
Module 13, Office 608, Facultad de Ciencias Cantoblanco Madrid 28049 Spain
Telephone +34 914976831

Expertise: Density functional theory in gas phase and solid state.
Methods based on statistical mechanics applied to the fragmentation dynamics of excited molecules.
Wave packet propagation methods applied to study electron dynamics in surface physics.

Research interests: Fragmentation dynamics of highly excited clusters and biomolecules.
Electronic and vibrational excitation in molecules and nanostructures deposited on metal surfaces.
Theoretical description of reactivity in organic chemistry.

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