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CampuSyS group offers the following external services:


We have a large experience on planning, organisation and delivery of seminars, workshops and schools on a broad range of topics dealing both with theory and simulations, with a strong practical character. We are experts on Quatum Mechanics, Theoretical Chemistry methods, Solid-state Chemistry, Molucular Dynamics, and Ultrafst Phenomena in Chemistry. We can deliver official courses and on-demand training activities. For more information, please, contact us at: campus.theorygroup@uam.es.

Check here our latest training activities:

  • Ultrafast phenomena in Chemistry: Laser-matter interactions at the femto- and atto-second time scales.  Read more.
  • New Computational Methods for Attosecond Molecular processes.  Read more. (Co-organised with AttoChem COST Action)
  • Theoretical Solid-State Chemistry: theory, modelling, and simulation. Read more.


We can asses you about the usage of our home-made codes or provide expert advise on problems that can be tackled with them. For more information, please, contact us at: campus.theorygroup@uam.es.

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AttoChem COST Action


XChem project

Attotrend project



Our group belongs to the Erasmus Mundus European program, which offers opportunities to obtain a master to European and non-European students. More details in Jobs.


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